Equipment Repair Service (ERS) was founded in Mobile, AL by Steve Yonge in 2010.  While working as a salesman of food service products Steve's customers expressed their displeasure with the lack of an alternative source for equipment repairs.  They felt as though the lack of competition had created an environment in which they were paying too much and the service levels were below standard.  With this in mind Steve decided to open up a shop in his spare time in an effort to assist the customer.  Soon it became clear that there was a market for another service provider so he hired a full time mechanic and hit the ground running. 

After a short period of time in business ERS' customers we so pleased with the quality of work and competitive rates Steve was asked to start carrying new equipment and a full line of janitorial supplies.  That is when the "and Sales" portion of the name was added. 

In 2016, John Radford joined the company as a partner.  Prior to coming on board with ERS and Sales John spent the past 20 years as a National Accounts Sales Manager for several manufacturers of janitorial equipment and supplies.  John's addition to the company has helped strengthen the organization and position ERS and Sales for future growth and expanding our scope of business into other areas. 

As of 2017, ERS and Sales has branched out into polishing concrete, marble, terrazzo and tile while still providing the same level of quality products and repairs at competitive rates.  By doing so it establishes ERS and Sales as a "one stop shop" for all our customer's needs.  Our staff is the most knowledgeable in the market with the most hands on experience around.  We value your business will do everything possible to satisfy your needs.